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Ullrika Probert, Probert psykologmottagning.

I am a licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist trained in psychodynamic theory and methods at Lund university, Sweden. I am also a qualified specialist in clinical psychology, more specifically in psychological treatment/psychotherapy.
Being bilingual, fluent in both (British) English and Swedish, gives me the opportunity to offer my services to English-speaking clients as well.

I offer both long- and short-term psychotherapy and I’m used to treating depression, anxiety-disorders, pre- and postnatal depression and traumatic experiences. I also offer psychotherapy to those studying psychology and psychotherapy.

Skills and experience

My years of practice have rendered me experience of both long and short-term psychotherapy (Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy, Affect focused psychotherapy) with adults. I have also profound knowledge in attachment theory, maternal mental health, pre- and post-natal psychology, pre- and postnatal depression, psychological aspects of pregnancy, parent-child interaction and developmental psychology.

I have treated clients with depression, anxiety-disorders, pre- and postnatal depression and traumatic experiences.


You can reach me on my mobile-phone 0761-667786 or leave a message with your name and number, and I’ll get back to you asap. It’s also possible to contact me via e-mail, ullrika@probert.se, before calling.
It’s not possible to communicate via text-message.

You’ll find my practice at Drottens psykoterapi, Drottensgatan 2, in the centre of Lund

Payment via invoice.

Licensed personnel in Sweden are controlled by Swedish law (Hälso- och sjukvårdslagen) and bound by code of silence